Tuesday, 4 April 2017

I have decided to quit

I have decided to quit this blog because no one sees it - the only access people have is through a link in my youtube videos and no one clicks on it. I also have other things to focus on at the moment so unless I have more time and more views, I will be quitting. <3

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Best drugstore lipsticks

Today I'm going to share with you which drugstore lipsticks I love the most. Honestly, I only own drugstore lipsticks so I get to choose form my whole collection.

MUA lipstick shade "1" - This lipstick is only £1 and for that reason alone I suggest you check this out. It is one of my favourite lipsticks because it is super long lasting, pigmented and feels like you're not even wearing lipstick. It doesn't transfer much because it is a slightly matte finish and I adore it. The only disappointing thing is that the line as a whole is a bit hit and miss so it really depends what shade you choose.

Makeup Revolution "rebel with cause" - another £1 lipstick that is worth way more. This is not quite as good as the mua one but is still beautiful. It lasts a long time but can be a bit patchy so if you use this I recommend a lip liner and to scrub your lips beforehand.

Rimmel lasting finish "058 drop of sherry" - This is a beautiful lipstick, it is dark pink and shimmery. It goes with most things and eventhough it doesn't have a very long lasting time (despite the name) I don't mind touching up. It doesn't transfer much and has a  metallic finish.

Rimmel Kate "03" - This is a pretty nude lipstick which applies nicely and is long lasting. I honestly got this is poundland which is amazing but they retail for £5.99.

Avon lipstick "In the Buff" - This is a stunning nude shade for pale skin and is my "my lips but better" lipstick. It was literally £2 from the Avon catalogue and I definitely suggest you check it out!

Hope you enjoyed this and it helped! <3

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Favourite lipglosses

In this blog post I want to share with you some of m y favourite lip glosses that I recommend you check out.

Tanya Burr's new range - I have the shades "lunch date" and "I found nemo". They have good pigmentation; however they are sticky and don't last for a very long time. I would recommend these if you want pigmentation and don't mind touching up often.

Tanya Burr's old range - I have the shade "smile, dream, sparkle". I don't believe you can get these anymore but they are non-sticky and quite pigmented. It's a shame that Tanya seemed to make the packaging better but the actual product worse.

Bourjois Aqua Laque - I have the shade "06 feeling reddy". These are super pigmented and are completely non-sticky. However I don't think they last very long.

Soap and glory sexy mother pucker - I have the shade "rose and shine". This is a sheer, pinky shade and I enjoy wearing it on it's own or on top of other products. It is plumping and I like how it looks on my lips.

MAC Toledo lip glass - I have the shade "Barbecue". This is a stunning bright orange red colour which lasts for ages. It smells amazing and is very comfortable to wear. I got this as a Christmas present and eventhough I never would've bought it on my own, it is one of my favourite products. I feel like this colour is perfect to wear in any season and I love wearing it. MAC lip glosses are good but the pale shades don't last very long and don't have a good colour payoff.

I hope you enjoyed this and it helped you out! <3

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Winter favourites

Winter is over now and instead of just doing my February favourites, I thought I'd do something a bit different and do some of the products I've loved using over the whole if the winter season.

Soap and glory thick and fast mascara - This is a very hyped up mascara. It isn't the best but it is more natural and for when I don't want to wear much makeup it goes well with the look. It doesn't thicken much but it does lengthen and enhance my natural lashes.

Sleek "bad girl 596" eyeshadow palette - This is a smokey eye palette with a variety of shades. You have a range of greys to greens to blues and purples, so you can't really go wrong.

Makeup Revolution ultra pro glow palette - This is a palette with 8 highlighters n and it is such a nice variety. It is made to suit all skin tones. Some of them are too dark for me to use as highlights (they are used as bronzers/blushes ) so they'd be perfect for darker skin tones.

MUA lipstick shade "1" - this is a stunning dark red lipstick, which I think would match most skin tones. It stays on for a really long time and looks as good as when you first apply it. It is a slightly matte finish which I like because it has little transfer. It doesn't feel drying and I could wear it all day without needing a touch up or lipbalm.

Avon colourtrend lipstick "gold potion" - This is a subtle gold lipstick with shimmer. On a no makeup makeup day I wear this for a unique touch. You can also layer it on top of other products for a metallic effect.

Maybelline super stay lipstick "persistently pink 190" - Firstly this smells like the purple skittles. If that isn't enough to make you want to buy it then just go (joking, please stay lol) It has a matte finish with literally no transfer and it feels very comfortable to wear. This is my all time favourite lipstick and is an amazing colour for winter. I definitely need more shades for the other seasons.

Soap and glory sexy mother pucker "rose and shine" - For when I don't wear much makeup but I want to wear some (can you see the trend) this is nice. It tingles so you know when you are wearing it, but it looks like a clear gloss (slight pink sheen). It also looks lovely on top of other products.

I hope you enjoyed this and make sure to check out my youtube channel <3

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Best nail polishes

I love nail polishes and a lot of other people do too. In today's post I want to share with you which ones I like the most, and which disappointed me.

Firstly, what I love. I am obsessed with the Leighton Denny nail polish in "sink into mink," everything about it is beautiful. But that's not very surprising with the £12 price point and unless you can get it cheaper (I got mine as a magazine freebie) or you can afford it, there are better things to spend your money on. I won't be getting more shades, but I do enjoy using it.

Some that I enjoy, from the drugstore, are the sinful colours nail polishes. I picked one up when they collabed with Kylie Jenner; I got the shade "mauve on." This colour is stunning, it is a lilac mauve with gold shimmer in certain lights. It wears for ages, even without the topcoat. This is also it's only negative because it damaged my nails slightly when I tried to get it off. It only cost me £2.99 so I would definitely recommend you check out the sinful colours polishes!

Tanya Burr has a range of products now, including nail polishes. I haven't tried the matte ones, so I cant judge them, but I was gifted one from her original formula and I am a fan. The packaging is stunning, I particularly love the gold caps on all of her products. I have "sugar plum" which is a dark purple (one of many in my collection) and it glides on beautifully, with even pigmentation. I would definitely recommend these and they make great gifts.

Hope this was useful! <3

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

How to store makeup neatly

We've all struggled with keeping our homes and rooms tidy, some of us find a way to manage it whilst some of us don't; but that's ok. You don't have to keep everything spotless and prefect; if you are fine with how you have your things (and know where everything is), there's no need to change it. However, if you dislike being untidy and want to keep it neater, but are unsure how, then I will tell you some tips in this blog post. This can also give you additional ideas if you are a tidy person but want a different way to store things.

If you have a small stash of jars and pen holders (which for some reason I find all over the place!?!?) you can easily use them for makeup and brushes. You can store anything in them, mascaras, liquid lipsticks, eyeliners, lip liners, lip glosses, brow products, chubby sticks and brushes. basically, you can put most of your collection in these jars if you want to hard enough, but I probably wouldn't recommend it. I would recommend that you put a few things in jars (all of your lip liners in one, for example)for decoration and you can't really go over the top.

Another way to store some products, particularly nail polishes and lipsticks, is in acrylic trays. You can get them anyway, for £1-£2 in pound land or Primark. These are also great because you can see all (or some!) of your lipsticks and you won't forget about a favourite in the bottom of your draw!

I wouldn't recommend large drawers like the Alex 9 drawers, solely because of the size. you have too much room and feel like you have to fill the whole space. Then you will forget half of your makeup in the deep drawers and have to throw it out from age without using it much.

If you don't have any shelves or storage, you can use a shoe holder. There are some that you can hang up and this is a simple way to store things (not just makeup, but perfect for palettes). It takes very little effort (you don't have to put up any ikea shelves!) and it can store a lot.

I hope this gave you some ideas!<3

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Project pan - 28 by 2018 (Eyes)

I thought that, as I have been unsuccessful in the past, I would do another project pan, for the whole year. I am going to try really hard with this one as I want to eliminate any products I don't like/ are too old so I only have good products in my collection. I also feel bad if I waste money and throw away the product so the best way for me to get rid of it is to use it in a project pan. Also, to make sure I don't give up I will do monthly blog posts about it, so I keep the motivation going. I have a wide variety of products and quite a lot, so I will share them with you over 3 blog posts (1 for lips, 1 for eyes and 1 for face products). I made up this challenge myself.

  • Rimmel 5 eyeshadow quad in "022 Brixton brown" - I have had this for ages and only really use 1 shade, I haven't had good experiences with the others but want to give them another chance
  • Seventeen jewel heist eyeshadow palette - I want to use up the gel liner particularly but also want to use the blue eyeshadow a bit
  • Barry m metallic liquid eyeliner in "1" - they don't make this anymore and it is quite old, eventhough this is my favourite eyeliner ever
  • Barry m metallic liquid eyeliner in "5" - they don't make this anymore and it is quite old, I don't reach for it much but it is really pretty
  • Essence pencil eyeliner in "04 white" - this wears off the waterline really quickly so I use it over the lid, as a base
  • Manhattan eyeliner in "plummy" - really pretty shade but I don't use it much, it doesn't last very long
  • Boutique eyeshadow in "forty winks" - I don't think this shade suits me very well but I want to find a way that it works, for me
  • Depotted pink glitter, from makeup revolution's iconic 3 palette - this didn't work for me as a pressed shadow so I depotted it and want to use it more
  • Barry m fine glitter dust in "4" - I don't wear loose glitter much because it is messy so I want to find a way to use this and a look with this that I like
  • MUA eyeliner in "jet black" - this is almost too creamy and doesn't stay on my waterline, I want to find a way to wear this
Hope you enjoyed this and it gave you some project pan ideas!<3